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Honiara, Solomon Islands
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I am married to Kate, with two daughters, Hannah and Lydia. I was born in Brisbane, Australia. I bought my first Martin, a '75 0-16NY, new in 1975, after I started my first full time job. By 1995, when we moved to Java, Indonesia in search of more adventure, I was still relying on that 0-16NY, though I had a few secondary guitars as well from time to time. We certainly found adventure! I bought a second hand 1993 HD28 in 1997 from the Martin factory (where it was on consignment) and a backpacker in 2000. In 2000 we moved to Bermuda, where I worked for Australia Japan Cable. AJC completed a 12,700 km submarine fibre optic cable from Australia to Japan via Guam in December 2001. In 2003 I bought a second hand 2000 ebony fretboard 000-16GT in Sydney to leave there so I have something more user friendly than the backpacker for extended stays. In 2004 I bought a new OM-28GE, which is definitely the doctor out of all my Martins (and getting better all the time as the sound has opened out). In January 2005 I added a 1926 Style 1 ukelele, after researching for the past five years at the annual Pacific Telecoms Council meetings in Honolulu. Then in March 2005 I bought a 1966 00-21 to leave in Australia for my frequent visits to Adelaide. And also in 2005 an LXB for a travel guitar to supplement / supplant the Backpacker. In 2006 I bought an 0-15 from 1954, my wife and kids bought me a FeLiX and I gave away the LXB. In 2008 I added a 00 sized 14 fret Lawrence K Smith with a Bunya top and Australian Rosewood back and sides. Later in the year I lashed out on a 1934 0-18K. In 2009 I gave the 000-16GT to a friend and bought an OM-45RR. In 2012 I moved to Honiara in the Solomon Islands to work, two daughters are studying in Melbourne, Kate is holding the fort in Melbourne. For humid Honiara I have borrowed my daughter Lydia's 000X1.

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